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FLOURISHING ANHUI 风华正安徽郎溪:且在此中醉,惬意看人间看得见山 , 望得见水,记得住乡愁,寥寥数笔,似乎写出了很多人对家园的执念。有一个地方,依山傍水,有庭院可手植梅,有小径通往茶园,有夏日凉风习习吹来……这样的地方 ,




看得见山 , 望得见水,记得住乡愁,寥寥数笔,似乎写出了很多人对家园的执念。有一个地方,依山傍水,有庭院可手植梅,有小径通往茶园,有夏日凉风习习吹来……

这样的地方 , 不在别处。


俯瞰郎溪县城 Urban area of Langxi County

Mountainous views, water-side scenery, nostalgic dreams in memory... just a few lines that have seemingly described the feeling of homesick folks to the tee. This is a place near mountains and by waters, where the plum tree planted grows well in the courtyard, the narrow path leads to tea gardens, and the cool breeze gently blows in summer... Such a nice place is not elsewhere but right here.

Langxi in China is an appealing county located in southeastern Anhui, where the rural life is peaceful and quiet, and the streets in the county seat are crowded with people and vehicles. Everything is set perfectly, featuring tranquility, sweetness and vitality.

01 三省通衢,休闲小城


天子湖风光 A bird"s-eye view of Tianzi Lake



古南丰徽派黄酒文化园内一景 Gunanfeng Anhui-style Yellow Rice Wine Cultural Park



“跳五猖”演出 Tiaowuchang performance


A small leisure city serving as a thoroughfare linking three provinces

The County of Langxi, formerly known as Jianping, was set up in the first year of Duangong in the Northern Song Dynasty (988 AD). As it is advantageously located at the junction of Anhui, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, it is known as a "thoroughfare linking three provinces".

Langxi boasts of magnificent landscape and tourist attractions, with hills rising one after another, rivers and lakes scattered everywhere, and green mountains and clear waters enticing each other"s beauty. In the county, the tea plantation takes up about 114,900 mu, the water area occupies 300,000 mu, while the forest coverage rate is up to 35.06%. It is one of the few ecological virgin lands in the Yangtze River Delta.

Known for its recreational lifestyle, Langxi is an idyllic leisure resort characterized by green mountains and limpid rivers, and it has been rated as a leisure town in China. In the county are Guantianxia, a national AAAA tourist attraction, Yashan Gudao, an ancient mountainous road, and the Gunanfeng Anhui-style Yellow Rice Wine Cultural Park, a national AAA tourist attraction, as well as such tourist attractions as Nanyi Lake- Fushou Island, Tianmu Lake- Mt. Wuyuan, the Provincial Gaojingmiao Forest Park, and Longxu Lake Scenic Area.

Langxi enjoys a long history and profound culture. It is the hometown of Tiaowuchang performance and Xiaomadeng dance, one is a national intangible cultural heritage item andthe other is a provincial intangible cultural heritage item.

Tiaowuchang is a kind of sacrificial ritual set up to commemorate Zhang Bo for his achievements in flood control in the Western Han Dynasty. It vividly applies the theory of Yin and Yang and five elements in ancient China to the idea of "the unity of heaven ,and man". It has a strong religious mystique and is a rare masterpiece of the ancient folk belief ceremonies of the Han nationality. In November 2014, it made the fourth batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.

Xiaomadeng, or Dingbu Lantern Dance, is a lively teenage performance handed down from the late Qing Dynasty. Nowadays, Meizhu Town of Langxi County always organizes fork cultural activities every first month of the lunar year, and Xiaomadeng is a stock play during that occasion.

02 美丽乡村,历经蝶变


罗市茶乡 Luoshi Tea Village

下吴罗市位于伍员山北麓,以茶产业为主。相传在春秋战国时期,伍子胥助吴伐楚,在伍员山操练兵马,发现罗市特殊的地理位置,上可直通山巅,下可直达周城的水道,便欲将此地建为工、商、贸、文化为一体的繁荣集市,壮大吴国的边贸市场。公元前514年,在助吴伐楚时,伍子胥便在这里实施 “设守备、实仓禀、治兵库”计划。当时,伍子胥调动数万吴军屯驻在山中操练布阵,从吴国迁移近万人口到伍员山下的罗市安家立业设关卡,后开垦农田。数十年后,罗市发展成一个繁华的集市,村中有九井十八巷,村庄南北各设一寨门,南门直通山顶,北门通周城,村内街道青石铺地,商铺林立,商贾云集,许多吴军将领的家眷均落户罗市。

村容整洁的下吴村 An outlook of Xiawu Village


可打卡的美丽乡村还有盛村,坐拥青山绿水,承载古迹文化,村中一棵已有 887 年历史的银杏树,相传为盛村先祖“盛公次仲”所植,南宋时官至翰林学士。传闻岳飞在今郎广一代抗金战斗修整时期,曾将战马拴在银杏树下,如今,古树于2014年入选安徽省一级古树名录。除此之外 , 这里古迹遗存多多:有建于南宋的古典石拱桥青碧桥,有“宋翰林学士墓志碑”,有“避嫌菴”和盛氏祠堂等等。

盛村墙绘 Wall paintings in Shengcun Village

The beautiful rural area of the county having lived great transformations

Langxi ranks at the forefront in the beautiful countryside construction drive in Anhui. The achievements are the returns of decades of hard work. Xiawu Village is located in the northeast corner of Langxi County. Twenty-six years ago, the People"s Daily published a news report titled "one side of the mountain and the other side of the mountain", which introduced the economic development gap between Xiawu Village in Langxi County and Fujia Village in Liyang City (Jiangsu Province) due to different ideologies for development. Soon Xiawu Village ushered in the first transformation that enabled farmer’s success by developing economic forests through collective land leasing, and set up a refined tea factory with inbound investment. More than 20 years later and after several transformations, Xiawu Village has become a star village for rural revitalization.

Luoshi in Xiawu, located at the northern foot of Mt. Wuyuan, is a village mainly engaged in tea production. It is said that during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, Wu Zixu helped the Wu State conquer the Chu State. When he was training his army at Jianya in Mt. Wuyuan, he saw the geographical advantage of the locality: leading directly upward to the top of Mt. Wuya and downward to the waterway of Zhoucheng. Therefore, he wanted to build this place into a prosperous venue for industry, commerce, trade and culture so as to strengthen the frontier trade for the Wu State. When aiding Wu to conquer Chu in 514 B.C., Wu Zixu executed his plan of building up a garrison, enriching storehouses, and setting up an ordnance factory in Mt. Wuya. At that time, Wu Zixu mobilized ten thousand Wu troops to be trained in Mt. Wuya and moved nearly ten thousand people from other parts of the Wu State to Luoshi at the foot of Mt. Wuya where he set up a pass where soldiers defended for the county seat and reclaimed the land nearby. A few decades later, Luoshi developed into a prosperous marketing village, in which there were nine wells and eighteen lanes, with two gates in the north and in the south. The south gate led to the top of Mt. Wuya, and the north gate led to Zhoucheng. The village featured bluestone-paved streets, various shops and a good many merchants. Later, many families of the generals of the Wu State settled there.

Backed by the main peak of Mt. Wuyuan, Luoshi Village today commands pleasant scenery boosted by mountains and a river. The facades of the houses in the whole village have been refurbished, the walls are white and tiles black, and the windows are all fitted with wooden grids. The dwellings featuring the architectural elements of Wu and Yue cultures, the distant green mountains and nearby lucid waters complement each other in radiance and beauty , forming an etherealized ink painting scroll.

Other beautiful villages you may visit include Shengcun, a place rich in historical and cultural elements and also surrounded by green mountains and clear waters. It is said that the 887 year old ginkgo tree growing in the village was planted by Lord Sheng Cizhong, an ancestor of the local people of Shengcun Village. He was promoted in his official career to be a high-ranking secretary of the imperial academy in the Southern Song Dynasty. It is said that Yue Fei, a brilliant general in history, once fought against the invasion of the Jin Dynasty in the current Langguang region. During the intervals of the battles, he used to tie his horse under the ginkgo tree. The tree was included in the list of the first-class ancient trees in Anhui in 2014. In addition, there are many historical relics, including Qingbi Bridge, a classical stone arch bridge built in the Southern Song Dynasty, a stone tablet with an epitaph dedicated to the imperial secretary of the Song Dynasty, a nunnery called Bixian (suspicion avoiding), the Sheng"s ancestral hall, etc.

03 良田沃土,鱼米之乡


春到郎溪花盛开 Flowers in full bloom when spring arrives in Langxi

良田沃土,鱼米之乡。说起郎溪物产,不得不提黄茶和黄酒。郎溪的黄茶又叫黄魁茶,是当地茶企与安徽农业大学共同选育的名贵茶树新品种,于 2014年底通过省级品种鉴定。黄茶的主要种植区在毕桥镇施宏村,逾100公顷,如今,中华茶博园是游客们体验茶乡文化的打卡地之一。

中华茶博园内工作人员正在采摘黄茶 Picking yellow tea in the China Tea Expo Garden


蓝莓基地 Blueberry farmland

蓝莓采摘 Blueberry picking


游客体验黄酒制作 Tourists experiencing yellow rice wine making

The county is a fertile land of fish and rice

Langxi enjoys a temperate climate and fertile land. It is rich in natural resources and is an important production area for grain, oil and cocoon in Anhui. The main local products are green tea, yellow rice wine, "golden thread" honey date, braised sauce , Yan goose, silver fish, freshwater shrimp, crab and turtle. The main minerals are fluorite, yellow sand, limestone, granite, kaolin, and pyrophyllite. The reserve of fluorite is 2 million tons, ranking the county first in East China.

Thanks to the fertile land, the county is a place of rice and fish. When talking about the featured products, we have to mention the yellow tea and the yellow rice wine. The yellow tea produced in Langxi is also known as Huangkui tea, which is a new species of tea variety jointly selected by local tea enterprises and Anhui Agricultural University. The species passed a provincial variety appraisal at the end of 2014. The yellow tea is mainly planted in Shihong Village, Biqiao Town, and the plantation covers over 100 hectares. Currently, the local China Tea Expo Garden is a must-see tourist attraction for visitors to experience tea village culture.

Making yellow rice wine is a traditional prosperous business in Nanfeng Town of the county. After three generations of inheritance of the traditional small-vat brewing technology and the innovation based on the Shaoxing Huadiao wine brewing technology, a local Pan"s family launched a special Anhui-style yellow rice wine called Gunanfeng. The wine is actually unique to Langxi, having a mellow taste and exceptional flavor.

Besides the good wine and tea, Langxi also makes great efforts to develop high-quality grain and oil products, livestock and poultry, aquatic vegetables and agricultural leisure tourism to establish a provincial demonstration county of modern ecological agriculture industrialization and a provincial green tea export base. It is now a national key county of grain production, an advanced county in the three major actions for food production in Anhui and furthermore a key county of Anhui most potential for special tea production. In addition, Langxi is a provincial modern agricultural demonstration county recognized by Anhui Provincial People"s Government and a national modern agricultural demonstration county recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture.

04 产业升级,区位优越


郎溪东高速入城口 East-entrance of an expressway to Langxi

开发区内企业生产忙 A scene of busy production in the development zone



郎溪定埠港货物吊装 Cargo loading at Dingbu Port of Langxi

Superior location good for industrial upgrading

Langxi is located at an advantageous location making it easily accessible, as it is in the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta, adjacent to the city- cluster of the Yangtze River Delta, and borders Nanjing and Changzhou of Jiangsu Province. The two-hour economic circle of the county covers 15 of the most developed cities in the Yangtze River Delta, including Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi and Changzhou. It is only a 40-minute drive from the county seat to Nanjing Lukou International Airport. G50 Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway, G235 national highway, Yangzhou-Jixi Expressway and high-speed railway linking Shangqiu, Hefei, and Hangzhou under construction all pass through the county. The navigable Wuhu-Shanghai canal is a Class-III waterway, on which 1,000-ton ships can sail all year round. The canal connects the county with Taihu Lake, the Yangtze River, and further Shanghai, The superior geographical location and convenient transportation network make Langxi a prime place to accommodate industrial relocation in the Yangtze

River Delta.

Langxi seizes major opportunities to proceed with its innovations and breakthroughs. By taking advantage of the development of the Wanjiang Demonstration Zone, Nanjing Metropolitan Area and the construction of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, the county actively integrates itself into the Yangtze River Delta development, and builds itself into a demonstration zone for undertaking industrial transfer in the delta. Now it has a clearer industrial development orientation, namely, to build an equipment manufacturing and special equipment manufacturing industry with pressure vessels and elevator accessories as the leading factors; to build an electronic information industry with communication power supply and control system as the leading factors; to build a new energy industry with the 1,000 MW photovoltaic products production base and the component manufacturing base as the leading factors; to build a textile new material industry with an annual production output of 20,000 high-end air-jet and water-jet looms; to build a green food industry with the whole industrial chains for tea production and meat production as the leading factors. At the same time, the county has forged ahead towards the upgrading and transformation of metal rolling, metal surface treatment, automobile parts and other industrial sectors, so as to gather more enterprises in a clustering development of new, high-tech, strategic emerging industries. As a result, the industrial structure has been constantly optimized, a "new phenomenon of Langxi under the new normal" has been created, and more honors have been conferred to the county.

The dynamic Langxi really deserves a golden future!





视觉:高斌 张倩莹


译审:Michelle Ncubé(加拿大)







FLOURISHING ANHUI 风华正安徽郎溪:且在此中醉,惬意看人间看得见山 , 望得见水,记得住乡愁,寥寥数笔,似乎写出了很多人对家园的执念。有一个地方,依山傍水,有庭院可手植梅,有小径通往茶园,有夏日凉风习习吹来……这样的地方 ,




郎溪地图赏析安徽省宣城市郎溪县郎溪县广德县地图两县同属宣城市郎溪县广德县地图#郎溪#【郎溪地图收藏】宣城市郎溪县郎溪县在宣城市的位置宣城市郎溪县郎溪县辖9个镇建平镇 梅渚镇 涛城镇十字镇 毕桥镇 新发镇飞鲤镇 凌笪镇 姚村镇郎溪县政区图郎溪




新安晚报 安徽网 大皖新闻讯 据郎溪县卫生健康消息 4月12日,郎溪县新冠疫情防控应急指挥部发布通告称, 根据高速公路通行需求,自2022 年4月12日12时起G50沪渝高速郎溪十字站高速口全面解封开通,保障车辆正常通行。高速出口外设置疫情


清晨,大别山雾气渺渺,山花点缀其间。 惊蛰已过,万物复苏。大别山腹地的安徽省霍山县,一派春意盎然的景象。仿佛就在一日之间,山醒了,林绿了,花红了。农民们走上田间地头,用勤劳的双手,耕耘春天里,播种新希望。(文/陈浩 摄/高先祥、吕洁、潘先波







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  连日来,来自观山湖区各单位的142名志愿者和云岩区社区工作人员一起,冲锋在前,每天穿着防护服,在核酸检测、抗原检测和生活物资发放的不同岗位来回切换,用心用情做好志愿服务,助力云岩区疫情防控工作。  “请戴好口罩”“麻烦出示一下健康码、通






河南日报客户端记者张建新 河南报业全媒体记者王超越“我们的桃子皮薄、多汁,果肉细腻,夏天吃了清凉解暑,欢迎来品尝。”6月12日上午,湛河区潘庄村的道路两侧摆满了多种品种、色香诱人的桃子。桃农在热情的推销着自己的桃子,游客们纷纷驻足,一边品桃




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